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Gavin Andresen (born Gavin Bell[1]) is the Amherst, Massachusetts-based chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation.[2][3] He has access to the alert key that allows him to broadcast messages about critical network problems to all clients.[4]

After graduating from Princeton University in 1988,[1] Andresen began his career working on 3D graphics software at Silicon Graphics Computer Systems.[5] In 1996, he co-authored the VRML 2.0 specification,[6] and later published a reference manual for VRML 2.0.[7]

Since leaving Silicon Valley in 1996, Andresen has tackled a wide variety of software-related ventures, including CTO of an early voice-over-the-Internet startup and co-founder of a company that made multiplayer online games for blind people and their sighted friends.[5]

In April 2011, Forbes quoted Andresen as saying, "Bitcoin is designed to bring us back to a decentralized currency of the people," and "this is like better gold than gold."[3]

Prior to 2014 Andresen was the lead developer for a part of the bitcoin digital currency project, working to create a secure, stable "cash for the Internet."[8]

Andresen also created ClearCoin, an escrow-type of service, which was closed c. June 23, 2011.[9]


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