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Gavin Greig (1856–1914)[1] was a folksong collector, playwright and teacher.

He edited James Scott Skinner's biggest collection of music, The Harp & Claymore Collection,[2] providing harmonies for Skinner's compositions,[3][4] and he was jointly responsible for compiling The Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection, with the Rev J. B. Duncan (1848–1917). A selection from this collection of over 3000 songs and tunes was published in 1925. Two volumes were published in 1981-1982, but the full collection, in eight volumes, was only finally published between 1981 and 2002.[5][6]

He is also noted as the playwright of the Doric play Mains Wooin', which experienced great popularity[7] in the North East of Scotland before World War II.

Greig was related to Robert Burns on his mother's side and to Edvard Grieg on his father's side.


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