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Gavin Mudd speaks at a CRCCARE forum in Adelaide (2015)
Gavin Mudd speaks at a CRCCARE forum in Adelaide (2015)

Gavin M. Mudd is an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Engineering at RMIT University, Australia. He was awarded a Ph.D. in environmental engineering in 2001, from the Victoria University of Technology.[1] Mudd's research interests include environmental impacts, management of mine wastes, acid mine drainage, sustainability frameworks, life cycle assessment modelling and mine rehabilitation.[1]

In October 2007, Gavin Mudd completed a report on Australia's Mining Industry entitled The Sustainability of Mining in Australia: Key Production Trends and Their Environmental Implications for the Future.[2]

Selected recent publications[1][edit]

  • Sustainability of Uranium Mining and Milling: Toward Quantifying Resources and Eco-Efficiency
  • Global Trends in Gold Mining : Towards Quantifying Environmental and Resource Sustainability? Resources Policy, 32 (1-2), 2007, pp 42–56.
  • Gold Mining in Australia : Linking Historical Trends and Environmental and Resource Sustainability, Environmental Science and Policy, 10 (7-8), 2007, pp 629–644.
  • An Analysis of Historic Production Trends in Australian Base Metal Mining, Ore Geology Reviews, 32 (1-2), 2007, pp 227–261.
  • An Assessment of the Sustainability of the Mining Industry in Australia Australian Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Engineering, 5 (1), 2007, pp 1–12.

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