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Gavriil Kondratievich Malish
BornMarch 25, 1907
DiedOctober 25, 1998
EducationOdessa Art Institute
Known forPainting, Watercolors

Gavriil Kondratievich Malish (Russian: Гаврии́л Кондра́тьевич Ма́лыш; March 25, 1907, in Kitaygorodka, Ekaterinoslav Province, Ukraine, Russian Empire – October 25, 1998, in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation) was a Soviet, Russian painter, watercolorist, and graphic artist, lived and worked in Saint Petersburg, regarded as one of the brightest representatives of the Leningrad school of painting,[1] most famous for his decorative still lifes and landscapes.


Gavriil Kondratievich Malish was born March 25, 1907, in Kitaygorodka village, near Ekaterinoslav, Ukrain, Russian Empire.

In 1934 Gavriil Malish graduated from Odessa Art Institute, where he studied of A. Gaush and T. Fraermann. Since 1935 he lived and worked in Leningrad.

Since 1954 Gavriil Malish has participated in Art Exhibitions. He painted landscapes, still lifes, genre paintings, worked in oil painting, watercolors, and pastel. The most known as master of watercolors. Personol exhibition of Gavriil Malish were in Leningrad (1975, 1976, 1977, 1985, 1988), Saint Petersburg (1996, 1997), and Stockholm (1991).

The leading place in the Art of Gavriil Malish takes a lyrical landscape and decorative still life. The untiring search for the artist in the field of colors predetermined his address to the decorative painting, to the synthesis of colors, where dominated his favorite light-blue and blue, lilac, cherry and violet hues, providing major sounding painting.

Gavriil Malish almost always has painted his works from memory, by notion, so, they are distinguished by special emotional excitement, saturation and color purity.

Gavriil Malish was a member of the Saint Petersburg Union of Artists (before 1992 - Leningrad branch of Union of Artists of Russian Federation) since 1955.

Gavriil Kondratievich Malish died on October 25, 1998 in Saint Petersburg. His painting and watercolors reside in State Russian Museum, in Art museums and private collections in Russia, France, Sweden, Norway, England, USA, China, Japan, and other countries.

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