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Gavrio (Greek: Γαύριο), Andros is the first port to the Cyclades. This traditional village, with ruins dating to the Hellenistic Period, is on the southwest side of Andros and 37 nautical miles (69 km) from the Attica port of Rafina (1–2 hours by ferry).[1]

Coordinates: 37°53′N 24°44′E / 37.883°N 24.733°E / 37.883; 24.733


  1. ^ Kate Armstrong; Michael Clark; Chris Deliso (2008). Greek Islands. Lonely Planet. pp. 128–. ISBN 978-1-74104-314-3. Retrieved 2013-08-07. At least three ferries daily leave Andros' main port of Gavrio ... GAVRIO. ΓΑΥΡΙΟ. Located on the west coast, Gavrio is the main port of Andros. Apart from the flurry of ferry arrivals it is very low key and a touch drab ...