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Gawade is a Marathi surname. It is spelled as ’गावडे’ in Marathi and some people spell it as Gawde or Gavade or Gavde in English. This surname is common in the state of west region of Maharashtra in India.

People of this surname are mostly from Konkan region of Maharashtra and Rural Pune District of Maharashtra. There are villages in Chawke, Golvan at Malvan, Wagde at Kankavli & Ambegaon at Pune with this surname,some of these colonies are called as "GAWADE WADI".

Also you find Gawade surname to North maharashtra area(Nandurbar, Dondaicha)and Madhyapradesh(Kansule,Khetiya,Badwani,Jabalpur,Indore).Those are migrated to North Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh from Pune area during Maratha regime.

Gawade is one of the surnames of the 96 kuli marathas (Maratha clan system). Gawade surname is from Somvansh. Hindu(Kshatriya). Kuldaivat is Jyotiba. Guru is Atri saint. Devak is Kalamb (Kalam), Mantra is Gayatri Mahamantra. Gotra is Dhampal (Sub of Kashyap) and Ved is Yajurveda. The main occupation is Farming.