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Gawayn logo.png
Created by Jan Van Rijsselberge
Developed by Peter Saisselin
Country of origin Italy
Original language(s) French
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 104
Executive producer(s) Voyelle Acker
Lucia Bolzoni
Producer(s) Eve Baron
Christian Davin
Clément Calvet
Running time 15 Minutes (including commercials)
Original network Rai 3
France 3
Original release 2009 – 2011

Gawayn is a 2008 French-Italian animated television series created and designed by Jan Van Rijsselberge. It is produced by Alphanim and Gaumont Animation and Mondo TV, the series has been translated into different languages. The title of the show refers to King Arthur's nephew Gawain.[1] As of April 2012, Gawayn has been shown on the Starz Kids & Family cable network. It was also the first Alphanim-produced cartoon to get dubbed in Japanese.


In the mystical city of Camelot, William is an optimistic knight-in-training who is devoted to his mentor, knight in gleaming armour, Sir Roderick. The complication starts when the evil Duke of Amaraxos shrinks Princess Gwendolyn and takes over the kingdom, so the friends accompanied with Elspeth, an apprentice sorceress and Xiao Long, a young sage-in-training from distant Asia, set off on an adventure to undo the terrible curse.[2]


# Title
1[3] "Never Cross Bridge[3]"
2[3] "Try, Try Again[3]"
3[3] "Play Date[3]"
4[3] "The Cuckoo Cook[3]"
5[3] "License To Knight[3]"
6[3] "As Hard As Snails[3]"
7[3] "A Pain In The Dragon[3]"
8[3] "Princess Rodericka[3]"
9[3] "Adventures In Dreamland[3]"
10[3] "Joust King[3]"
11[3] "Wedding Blues[3]"
12[3] "Fasten Your Seatbelts[3]"
13[3] "Acme Da Vinci[3]"
14[3] "Casino Quest[3]"
15[3] "A Quest For A Quest[3]"
16[3] "Happy Sword[3]"
17[3] "Armour Geddon[3]"
18[3] "The Curse[3]"
19[4] "Do The Knight Thing[4]"
20[4] "Monkey Business[4]"
21[4] "Ferocious Fairies[4]"
22[4] "Again, Again, And Again...[4]"
23[4] "All Aboard[4]"
24[4] "Vroom[4]"
25[4] "Hey, Where's My Gwenmobile[4]"
26[4] "Mr. Pants[4]"
27[4] "Dumped By The Duke[4]"
28[4] "Good Luck In Bad Luck Forest[4]"
29[4] "Secret Of Roddy's Success[4]"
30[4] "Rexster-Quester[4]"
31[4] "The Witches Of Weirdsville[4]"
32[4] "Bad News Travels Fast[4]"
33[4] "Evil R We[4]"
34[4] "Roddy's Big Idea[4]"
35[4] "Castle Spa[4]"
36[4] "Knight For Hire[4]"
37[4] "Cry Me A River[4]"
38[4] "Force Of The Onion[4]"
39[4] "Home Sweet Home[4]"
40[5] "Doll Be Mine[5]"
41[5] "Bigger Brother[5]"
42[5] "Smashing Times[5]"
43[5] "My Name Is Pond... Percy Pond[5]"
44[5] "Trouble Ahead[5]"
45[5] "Over Due[5]"
46[5] "Quiz Show[5]"
47[5] "Love Trouble[5]"
48[5] "Maze Mates[5]"
49[5] "Along Came Spyder[5]"
50[5] "Knight Lighting[5]"
51[5] "The Way We Used To Be, Part 1[5]"
52[5] "The Way We Used To Be, Part 2[5]"


One series of 52 thirteen-minute episodes were produced by production companies Alphanim and Mondo TV France for the French version and Mondo TV Italy for the Italian Version. The English version is also translated by Mondo TV France.[6] A second season has also been produced.

International broadcasts[edit]

Country[7] Channel Year
 Italy Rai 3 2010 –
 France France 3, Gulli 19 August 2009 –
 Australia ABC1 ABC3[8] 14 January 2010 –
 Canada Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 2010 –
 Spain La 2, Clan 2009 -
 Portugal RTP 1, RTP 2, Canal Panda, Biggs 2009 –
 Brazil Disney XD, Gloob 2010 –
 United States Starz Kids & Family 2012 - 2016
 Poland teleToon+ 11 November 2011 –
 Hungary M2 2012 -
  Switzerland TSR 2010 –
 Belgium RTBF 2009 –
 Philippines Nickelodeon Philippines 3 August 2009 –
 Germany KiKa, Das Erste 17 August 2009 –
 Malaysia NTV7 August 2013 -
 Qatar JeemTV 2014 -
 Japan Disney Channel Japan 21 July 2014 -


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