Gawler River

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Gawler River
Origin the confluence of the South Para River and the North Para River
Mouth Gulf St Vincent near Virginia
Basin countries Australia
Length -km
Source elevation m
Basin area km²

The Gawler River is formed by the confluence of the North Para and South Para Rivers at the South Australian town of Gawler. The locality of Gawler River, on the northern side of the river is named after it.

The River flows out onto the Wakefield Plains and is the cause of occasional flash flooding (during 1:10 to 1:50 year flood events). The district produces cereal crops and sheep for both meat and wool.


34°40′30″S 138°28′26″E / 34.675090°S 138.473760°E / -34.675090; 138.473760Coordinates: 34°40′30″S 138°28′26″E / 34.675090°S 138.473760°E / -34.675090; 138.473760