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GayLib is an LGBT conservative and centre-right political faction formerly affiliated with the French political party Union for a Popular Movement from its inception in 2002 to 2013.[1] Its president is Emmanuel Blanc.[2]


The creation of GayLib was supported by Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Philippe Douste-Blazy, Alain Juppé, and François Baroin.[3] In 2002, its members took part in the pride parade in Paris for the first time.[3]

Since 2007, they have been waylaid by The Pink Panthers,[4] Act Up and AIDES[5] because of the UMP's repudiation of same-sex marriage.[6] However, GayLib says that the UMP helped toughen up hate-crime laws, improved the PACS, created the HALDE, and attempted to decriminalise homosexuality through Rama Yade's appeal to the United Nations.[6]

In January 2013, it left the UMP position to oppose same-sex marriage and adoption.[7] It is currently seeking to affiliate with the Union of Democrats and Independents, whose president, Jean-Louis Borloo, endorses same-sex marriage.

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