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The Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado, a program of the Gill Foundation, provides financial support to nonprofit organizations in Colorado. Current grant making through the Gay & Lesbian Fund includes STEM education, safe and inclusive schools and programs (like this grant to the Colorado High School Activities Association and the You Can Play Project), support for Colorado public broadcasting outlets, local civic engagement nonprofit organizations, and statewide LGBT service and advocacy organizations. Based in Denver with the Gill Foundation, the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado has awarded more than $30 million in grants since its inception.

The fund provides support for organizations in Colorado to demonstrate that LGBT people share the same values and are committed to working together with all Coloradans to build a better Colorado.


The Gill Foundation launched the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado program in 1996. In 2009, the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado won the Outstanding Foundation Award from the Colorado Nonprofit Association.

In 2011, the Gill Foundation closed its Colorado Springs office housing the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado and moved all services to its Denver office during a period of strategic re-evaluation. In July 2012, the Gill Foundation gifted its Colorado Springs building to Rocky Mountain PBS to create the Tim Gill Center for Public Media.


Today, the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado encompasses all previously-existing Colorado programs and grants of the Gill Foundation, as well as a new program area in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. The foundation’s six Colorado program areas known as Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado grants are:

Five previously existing and well-defined grant program areas of Gill Foundation:

   Colorado safe and inclusive schools that prevent bullying and harassment
   Colorado progressive civic engagement and communications grants
   Colorado public broadcasting grants
   Colorado HIV services
   Colorado lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) services and advocacy

One new grant program area:

   Colorado science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education


  • Courtney Cuff, President & CEO, Gill Foundation
  • Amber Ptak, Director, Education Programs, Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado


  • 2009: National Philanthropy Day in Colorado, Outstanding Foundation
  • 2009: Colorado College, Community Diversity Award (Mary Lou Makepeace)
  • 2008: Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame Inductee (Mary Lou Makepeace)[1]
  • 2007: Latin American Research and Service Agency: Bernie Valdez Corporate Award[2]
  • 2007: NEWSED Community Development Corporation and Santa Fe Drive Redevelopment Corporation: Celebrate Culture Civil Rights Award
  • 2007: Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce: ATHENA Award (Mary Lou Makepeace)
  • 2006: Denver Business Journal: Outstanding Woman in Business, “Nonprofits and Public Entities” sector (Mary Lou Makepeace)[3]
  • 2006: Colorado Springs Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: Non-Profit Organization of the Year

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