Gay Gulch meteorite

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Gay Gulch
Type Iron
Structural classification Nickel-rich ataxite
Group IAB-sHH[1]
Country Canada
Region Yukon, Canada
Coordinates 63°55′00″N 139°20′00″W / 63.91667°N 139.33333°W / 63.91667; -139.33333Coordinates: 63°55′00″N 139°20′00″W / 63.91667°N 139.33333°W / 63.91667; -139.33333
Observed fall no
Found date 1901
TKW 0.483 kilograms (1.06 lb)[1]

Gay Gulch is an iron meteorite[1] found in 1901 by miners near Dawson City, Yukon Territory, using a slice box to mine alluvial gold.[2] They were exploiting Pliocene gravel, hence the meteorite may have fallen at that time.


It is a nickel-rich ataxite, IAB-sHH.


The main mass is in the National Meteorite Collection, Ottawa.

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