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Gay Search is a British television presenter perhaps best known for her work on the BBC television series Gardeners' World with the late Geoff Hamilton and for the groundbreaking series Front Gardens. She first started her horticultural career writing the garden column for Woman magazine, with help from Alan Titchmarsh who prevented her from writing "daft" things. [1] She devised and hosted gardening shows for BBC2 since 1988.[2] She worked as gardening editor for Sainsbury magazine for 13 years as well as the Radio Times [1] and is the author of many gardening books, including:

  • Front Gardens
  • Gardening from Scratch
  • Gardening without a garden
  • Delia's Kitchen Garden, written in collaboration with her old friend Delia Smith.

She is also patron of the British Thyroid Foundation.[3]

As a teenager she was a bystander in the capture of the Portland spy ring; her parents' house was used to surveil Peter and Helen Kroger, two members of the ring.[4]


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