Gaya, Niger

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Location of Gaya in Niger

Gaya is a city in the Dosso Region of Niger.[1] The city is situated 254 km southeast of the capital, Niamey, is located on the banks of the Niger River,[2] and is near the borders with Benin and Nigeria. Gaya has a population of 28,385 (2001 census). The wettest area in Niger, Gaya averages 800 mm in rainfall a year.

There is a bridge connecting Gaya to the town of Malanville in Benin.[3]

The road border entering Niger from Benin at Gaya.


There is another town in Niger of the same name.

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Coordinates: 11°53′16″N 03°26′48″E / 11.88778°N 3.44667°E / 11.88778; 3.44667