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Editor Sukhdeep Singh
Frequency Bi-monthly
First issue January 2010 (2010-01)
Country India
Language English, Hindi

Gaylaxy is one of the most popular Indian lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) magazines.[1] The magazine is based is based in Kolkata[2] and is currently India's largest English language LGBT magazine.[3]


Gaylaxy was founded by Sukhdeep Singh.[4] In 2010, Singh was still an eighth semester B.Tech student at the Indian School of Mines in Dhanbad. Singh is the current editor-in-chief. and is currently a gay rights activist in India.[5] The initial team consisted mostly of the editor's close friends and contacts. The first issue was published in January 2010, after India's "high court overturned a law that criminalized homosexuality."[1] Later, in 2013 this law was again reinstated, making being in a same sex relationship in India illegal again.[6]

In January, 2014, Gaylaxy began to release a Hindi edition of the magazine.[7]

Gaylaxy also released an app relating to the website and its content.[8] The Gaylaxy app is considered a "possible first for the gay community" in India, according to The India Times.[9]

Publication and content[edit]

Gaylaxy was originally distributed as a monthly magazine.[10] Since 2011 it has been a bi-monthly[11] publication, distributed online free of cost.[citation needed]

The magazine claims to have a world wide readership, with nearly 60% from India, followed by USA, UK, Pakistan and Canada. The magazine has contributors from all parts of India, including Pakistan.[1]

The magazine has covered a wide variety of issues pertaining to LGBT in India.[12]

The content is generally made up of

  • A cover story highlighting in detail various LGBT issues in the country.
  • LGBT news from India and around the world, details of film festivals, pride festivals, interviews.
  • Relationship advice, movie reviews, literature, fiction and poems sent in by readers, sexual health and safety, and tarot readings.
  • Personal articles sent by people about their opinions, lives and coming out.

Each issue of Gaylaxy also carries a list of NGOs across India working for LGBT issues with their contact details.

The magazine has covered issues from all around the world including the anti-gay bills in Uganda and Russia, California Proposition 8 and LGBT rights in Pakistan.

The magazine also publishes regular news articles on its websites about LGBT events in India.

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