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'Gayle Kirschenbaum' is an American filmmaker, TV producer, writer, and speaker. Her work is predominantly non-fiction and includes the award-winning documentary Look At Us Now, Mother!, the film festival favorite My Nose and critically praised film A Dog's Life: A Dogamentary, which premiered on HBO. She has worked closely with the documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles. She is currently focused on building a movement called No More Drama With Mama™, inspired by audience reactions from Look At Us Now, Mother!. The movement focuses on forgiveness and healing between mothers and daughters.

She created several reality shows that premiered on TLC and Discovery Health, and co-created Judgment Day that also aired on HBO. Kirschenbaum is a member of the Producers Guild of America, National Speakers Association, New York Women in Film and Television, Film Fatales and is a judge for the Emmys. She has been featured widely in various media outlets including New York Times, NBC's Today Show, Miami Herald, Washington Post, and Ladies' Home Journal.

Early career[edit]

Gayle Kirschenbaum started her career as a freelance graphic designer in advertising and promotion in New York. In less than a year, she became a producer/director of award-winning multimedia shows both in the U.S. and abroad. Soon afterwards, she formed her own company, Kirschenbaum Productions,[1] and has produced national television commercials for such clients as Pepsi, General Foods, Pampers, Coleco and Mattel.

Film & Television
Combining her talents as a writer, producer and director, Kirschenbaum gravitated towards documentary filmmaking, producing her first film on homeless women and children, Hestia House, which garnered an award at the Chicago Film Festival. Her second film, which she wrote, produced and directed for PBS, Doumani House, was about Carol and Roy Doumani's house in Venice, California, designed by sculptor Robert Graham, and it won an Emmy Award.[2] Her third documentary, the intimate portrayal of a woman novelist, Octavia Butler, earned an Emmy nomination. Gayle was also an Executive Producer for the 2010 TLC series "Our Little Life."

Kirschenbaum wrote, directed and produced documentaries for several cable network series including Arts & Entertainment’s Ancient Mysteries and Mysteries of the Bible, Lifetime Television’s Intimate Portrait and New Attitudes series. She wrote and produced for Court TV, the Food Network, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, and America's Most Wanted. Her producing credits include reality shows for NBC, CBS, TLC and Discovery Channel. She also co-created a pilot for a new series called Judgement Day: Should The Guilty Go Free, which aired on HBO’s American Undercover.

In addition, Kirshenbaum wrote screenplays and developed dramatic films and other non-fiction television series, several of which were optioned by various producers and production companies such as David Wolper, Robert Greenwald, Dick Clark, Craig Anderson, Grosso/Jacobson, Brave Street, Hearst Television, Steve White and Lee Rich.

Recent Works (2001-present)[edit]

Kirschenbaum's latest feature documentary, LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER! is about the transformation of a highly charged mother/daughter relationship from Mommie Dearest to Dear Mom, from hatred to love, as told through the filmmaker’s personal story. The film is an unflinching look at the complex bond between mother and daughter, illuminating not only family behaviors and patterns, but generational, cultural and individual histories. Look At Us Now, Mother! premiered on the festival circuit in April 2015, playing all around the world and winning multiple awards. It opened in theaters in Southern Florida in March 2016, then played theatrically in New York, LA and Long Island. Gayle continues to present her film alongside her speaking engagements at national conferences and film festivals, including the 2016 American Psychological Association Conference. The film is the centerpiece to a movement focused on forgiveness and healing between mothers and daughters that Gayle organizes. It has been highly praised including a feature in the New York Times.

The acclaimed, personal, and humorous documentary, MY NOSE, is a brief portrayal of Kirschenbaum’s experience with her mother, who had been insisting that her daughter get a nose job since she was 15 years old. Kirschenbaum and her mother visit various plastic surgeons in a comedic adventure where the only augmentation is in the personal relationship between mother and daughter. MY NOSE was featured at the Independent Feature Project's IFP Film Market and other festivals worldwide. The film was covered widely in the press, including The Washington Post.

A DOG'S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY, is a personal documentary about the positive effects of the bond between dogs and humans. It follows Gayle and her dog, Chelsea, through the streets of Manhattan, and showcases Chelsea's healing force as a therapy dog capable of bringing people out of comas. Kirschenbaum produced, directed, and edited the film, It played the festival circuit, and then premiered on HBO/Cinemax. She and Chelsea were featured in the New York Times and Ladies' Home Journal, and appeared live on The Today Show and Fox TV. The DVD, produced and marketed by Kirschenbaum, was widely distributed by Borders Bookstores, Best Buy, Blockbuster Inc., Netflix, as well as Petsmart.

Gayle developed and created several reality shows including Little People, Big Pregnancy (which premiered in June 2009 on Discovery Channel). She created and was Executive Producer on the sequel show, "Little People, Big Pregnancy" and "Little Parents, First Baby," (which also premiered in 2009). These shows were so successful they were adapted into a TLC series called "Our Little Life (which premiered Monday, March 1, 2010 at 8:00pm) where Gayle continued her involvement as an Executive Producer.

LOOK WHO'S TICKING, a feature film screenplay written by Gayle Kirschenbaum was a winner of the AIVF Screenwriter's Mentorship Program and is in development.

Personal life[edit]

Gayle worked closely with Albert Maysles. He served as an advisor on LOOK AT US, NOW MOTHER! and appears on film in A DOG'S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY.

Gayle Kirschenbaum is also a published author and artist. Her short stories, essays and articles have appeared in literary journals, magazines and newspapers. She is an active member in the Producer's Guild of America, National Speakers Association, New York Women in Film and Television, and is an official judge for the Emmys.

Gayle currently resides in New York City. She speaks nationally and internationally at select conferences.


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