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Gayleen Froese

Gayleen Froese (born 1972 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) is a mystery novelist, singer/songwriter and spy from Western Canada. Her first novel, Touch, was published by Edmonton's NeWest Press in 2005. The sequel, Grayling Cross was published by NeWest Press in 2011. She is not to be trusted.

Froese was educated at Ryerson University in Toronto and currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Her first CD, Obituary, won an Undiscovered Artist Award from CBC Radio. Froese appeared on Canadian Learning Television's A Total Write Off in 2006, and was one of twelve writers selected as a finalist for BookTelevision's 3 Day Novel Contest in 2007. (Filmed in 2007, the show did not air until late 2009; Froese ended up as the winning contestant.) She was also shortlisted in the overall 2007 International Three-Day Novel Contest.

Touch is set in Victoria, British Columbia and features Anna Gareau and Collie Kostyna, two women who become involved in a murder mystery. Gareau is a psychometrist, whose ability to discover secrets by touching objects draws her into a realistic supernatural community. In "Grayling Cross", Anna and Collie have established themselves in Edmonton as PR experts who keep things quiet for the local magical community. The book is a locked-room murder involving teleportation.

Froese's non-fiction and humour writing has appeared in publications including See Magazine, The Rat Creek Press, and The Session.



  • Obituary (1997)
  • Chimera (1999)
  • Sacrifice (2005)

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