Gazeley Windmill

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Gazeley Mill
Gazeley Mill.jpg
The converted mill
Mill name Gazeley Mill
Mill location TL 717 649
52°15′19″N 0°30′59″E / 52.25528°N 0.51639°E / 52.25528; 0.51639
Operator(s) Private
Year built 1844
Purpose Corn mill
Type Tower mill
Storeys Six storeys
No. of sails Four Sails
Type of sails Patent sails
Winding Fantail
Fantail blades Six blades
Auxiliary power Gippeswyck oil engine
No. of pairs of millstones five pairs

Gazeley Mill is a tower mill at Gazeley, Suffolk, England which has been converted to residential accommodation.


Gazeley Mill was built in 1837 by William Death, replacing a nearby post mill.[1] The mill drove five pairs of millstones.[2] A Gippeswyck oil engine was installed by Turners, the Soham millwrights in 1880. In 1893, a one-and-a-half-sack[3] roller mill made by Messrs E R & F Turner of Ipswich was installed. This was driven by the oil engine,[1] which could also drive three of the five pairs of millstones.[2] The mill ceased work c1920 and was stripped of machinery and house converted in 1947.[4]


For an explanation of the various pieces of machinery, see Mill machinery.

Gazeley Mill is a six storey tower mill. It had a boat shaped cap with a gallery, winded by a fantail. The four Patent sails[4] drove five pairs of millstones.[1]


  • William Death 1844-93
  • R J Harvey 1983-1910

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