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Bonnier Gazell Music
Parent company The Bonnier Group
Founded 1949 (1949)
Founder John Engelbrekt
Dag Häggqvist
Status Inactive
Distributor(s) Bonnier Music Publishing
Genre Jazz
Country of origin Sweden
Location Stockholm
Official website

Gazell is an record label founded by John Engelbrekt in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1949.


The history of BGM is a bit jumbled. What is known is that in 1949, John Engelbrekt created the label Gazell in Stockholm, Sweden,[1] to distribute various jazz albums. In September 1950, he founded a jazz club in Stockholm called Gazell.[2] In 1957, recordings from the club and by Engelbrekt were sold to the Scandinavian Record Company (Sonet Records), run by Gunnar Bergström and Sven Lindholm, while the rights to the label Gazell were sold to Dag Häggqvist,[2][3] though other sources say Häggqvist started the label himself in 1950.[4] Häggqvist sold Gazell to Sonet in 1960 and was run by Sam Charters until Sonet was acquired by Polygram in 1991.[4] Häggqvist eventually retained the rights to the label again in 1993 when he formed Gazell Music AB.[2]

In 2004, Häggqvist made a deal with Bonnier Music Publishing, a subsidiary of The Bonnier Group, for them to join forces.[5] Since then, the companies have been called Bonnier Gazell Music.

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