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Gazelle in the Pri Har Valley

Gazelle Valley (Hebrew: עמק הצבאים‎, translit: Emek Hatzva'im), officially known as the Pri Har Valley, is an open space of 260 dunams in the heart of Jerusalem, Israel, on the edge of the Givat Mordechai neighborhood, opposite the busy Patt Intersection.[1]


Gazelles in Jerusalem, 2016

Gazelle Valley is named for a herd of about 17 gazelles of the subspecies Gazella gazella gazella that live in this area, bounded by urban development. Real estate developers have sought building rights in the area, but the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) and local activists have fought to preserve the natural surroundings.[2] After lengthy court battles, the Jerusalem Municipality has drawn up plans to turn the area into a public park and nature reserve.[1] The Jerusalem Development Authority pledged 8 million in funding toward the park.[3]

In January 2013, work began on the park, which is described as Israel’s first urban nature reserve,[4] which opened in 2015.[5]

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Coordinates: 31°45′34″N 35°11′42″E / 31.75944°N 35.19500°E / 31.75944; 35.19500