Gazelle ankles

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Gazelle ankles
كعب الغزال.jpg
A gazelle ankle cookie at Qasbah of the Udayas in Rabat.
Alternative namesArabic: كعب الغزال (kaʕbu lɣazaːl) "gazelle ankles"
French: cornes de gazelle "gazelle horns"
Place of originMorocco
Region or stateMorocco
Main ingredientsalmond paste
Ingredients generally usedflour, sugar, butter, orange blossom water

'Gazelle ankles (transliterated from Arabic: كعب الغزال kaʕbu lɣazaːl, also known in French as cornes de gazelle, "gazelle horns") are a traditional dessert of Morocco[1] [2] in the form of crescent-shaped cookies made of flour-based dough filled with almond paste aromatized with orange blossom water. Gazelle ankles are relatively pricey due to the presence of almonds, and are therefore served as a delicacy at special events, often with tea.

Plates of gazelle ankles


The essential ingredients in gazelle ankles: