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Place of originSpain
Region or stateMálaga
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsFish stock, bread, garlic, oil, egg, water

Gazpachuelo is a soup originating in Málaga, Spain and is a typical fisherman's dish, consisting of mayonnaise, garlic, egg yolk and olive oil. The white of egg is added to thicken the mixture along with cubed potatoes.[1][2]


Although it is consumed hot, it owes its name to the fact that it contains the four basic ingredients of gazpacho: bread, garlic, oil and water. It is a typical dish of the lower classes because of the low cost of the basic ingredients. Once the mayonnaise is dissolved in the broth, mix everything in the pot and add a splash of lemon juice. It is eaten with a spoon and bread dipped into the broth. Other variations that can be cooked are to boil the potatoes with shellfish, peeled shrimps or whitebait.


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