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Type Soup
Place of origin Spain
Region or state Málaga
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Fish stock, bread, garlic, oil, egg, water
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Gazpachuelo is a soup originating from Málaga, Spain and is a typical fisherman's dish, consisting of fish stock, a type of mayonnaise, garlic, egg yolk and olive oil. The white of egg is added to thicken the mixture along with cubed potatoes.

Although it is consumed hot, it owes its name to the fact that it contains the four basic ingredients of gazpacho: bread, garlic, oil and water. It is a typical dish of the lower classes because of the low cost of the basic ingredients. It is eaten with a spoon and bread dipped into the broth. Other variations that can be cooked are to boil the potatoes with shell fish, peeled shrimps or whitebait.