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Gbap is located in Sierra Leone
Location in Sierra Leone
Coordinates: 7°22′35″N 12°15′42″W / 7.37639°N 12.26167°W / 7.37639; -12.26167Coordinates: 7°22′35″N 12°15′42″W / 7.37639°N 12.26167°W / 7.37639; -12.26167
Country Flag of Sierra Leone.svg Sierra Leone
Province Southern Province
District Bonthe District
Time zone GMT (UTC-5)

Gbap is a small rural fishing town in Nongoba Bullom Chiefdom, Bonthe District in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone. The town is mainly inhabited by the Sherbro people. Gbap is the traditional home of the Sherbro Tuckers Family, descendants of an English slave trader and a Sherbro princess. It is also the birthplace of Patricia Kabbah (who is also one of the Sherbro Tuckers and the niece of Peter L. Tucker), former First Lady of Sierra Leone and wife of Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, Sierra Leone's 3rd President.


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