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Gbinti is located in Sierra Leone
Location in Sierra Leone
Coordinates: 8°58′N 12°36′W / 8.967°N 12.600°W / 8.967; -12.600
Country Flag of Sierra Leone.svg Sierra Leone
Province Northern Province
District Port Loko District
Time zone GMT (UTC-5)

Gbinti is a rural town in Dibia chiefdom [1], Port Loko District in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. The town is the chieftaincy seat of Dibia chiefdom. Gbinti lies about 20 miles from the district capital Port Loko and approximately 52 miles from Freetown.

The inhabitant of Gbinti are largely from the Temne ethnic group. Many of the Temne people of Gbinti are partially of Temne and Fula descents. The Temne language is widely spoken in the town.

The population of Gbinti is almost entirely muslim at Over 90%.[2]. Gbinti has a number of primary school and one secondary school called the Gbinti Secondary School. There is one police station in the town run by the Sierra Leone Police Port Loko District Division.

Family Root[edit]

Gbinti is the homeland of the Bundu Family, the Wurie Family, the Jah Family and the Dainkeh Family [3].

Notable people born or descendant from Gbinti[edit]

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Coordinates: 8°58′N 12°36′W / 8.967°N 12.600°W / 8.967; -12.600