Gdańsk Nowy Port railway station

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Gdańsk Nowy Port
SKM Gdańsk Nowy Port 2006 08 06 132919 ubt.jpeg
Location Gdańsk
Operated by SKM (Tricity)
Line(s) No passenger service
Platforms 1
Opened 1867
Closed 2002
Previous names Danzig Neufahrwasser (until 1945)
Schemat gdańsk nowy port.png

Gdańsk Nowy Port is a former SKM stop in Gdańsk, Poland. It is no longer used since December 15, 2002, after shortening the line Gdańsk - Nowy Port line to Brzeźno. Despite plans of re-opening the line it is very unlikely that this stop would be restored, as the access to it has been impossible since November 2005.

The line[edit]

The line connecting Gdańsk Główny (Danzig Hbf.) with Gdańsk Nowy Port (Danzig Neufahrwasser) was opened in October 1867. It had been electrified in 1951, and the voltage was changed (from 800 V) into standard 3kV in 1973. The line served mostly as the transport route for dockers who commuted to the Port of Gdańsk.

Over the years the line was losing its passengers to the tram communication. In the last years of operation the train was going once an hour (compared to a tram once a 10 minutes) and tram stops were placed in more convenient places. On December 15, 2002 the line was shortened to reach only Gdańsk Brzeźno. On June 25, 2005 the line was definitely closed for passenger service. In the year 2007 a track between Gdańsk Brzeźno and Gdańsk Nowy Port was completely disassembled during street rebuilding works, making it unlikely to be restored anytime in the future.


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Coordinates: 54°24′13″N 18°39′55″E / 54.4035°N 18.6653°E / 54.4035; 18.6653