Gdański Bridge

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Gdański Bridge
Most Gdański
Most Gdański 2015 05.JPG
The Gdańsk Bridge
Coordinates 52°15′38″N 21°00′33″E / 52.2606°N 21.0092°E / 52.2606; 21.0092Coordinates: 52°15′38″N 21°00′33″E / 52.2606°N 21.0092°E / 52.2606; 21.0092
Carries Motor vehicles, Trams
Crosses Vistula River
Locale Warsaw, Poland
Total length 406.5 metres (1,334 ft)
Width 17 metres (56 ft)
No. of spans 6
Opened 31 July 1959
The historic pillars of the Citadel Bridge are a foundation for the Gdański Bridge

The Gdański Bridge (Polish: Most Gdański) is a six-span steel truss bridge 406.5 m long and 17 m wide, across the Vistula in Warsaw, Poland.

It opened on 31 July, 1959, after three years of construction. It has two elevations. The upper part serves road transport with four road lanes and a sidewalk. The lower part serves tram traffic with two tracks, and also features a sidewalk and a cycling lane.

The bridge was built upon the foundations of the Citadel Rail Bridge which had been demolished during World War II.

In 1997-1998 the bridge underwent the reconstruction. It was painted green, and the lower part had been supplied with coloured bulbs for illumination at night.

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Coordinates: 52°15′38″N 21°00′33″E / 52.26056°N 21.00917°E / 52.26056; 21.00917