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Christopher Alesund
Status Active (2007-present)
Born (1990-05-29) May 29, 1990 (age 28)
Nationality Sweden Swedish
Current team Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
Role Lurker
League ESL Pro League Season 6, Europe
Games Counter-Strike
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Career prize money $518,364[1]
Championships ESL One Cologne 2014
Competition record
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Top 8 LAN Placings
Representing Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
1st SteelSeries GO, 2012
1st DreamHack Valencia, 2012
1st ESWC, 2012
1st DreamHack Winter, 2012
1st AMD Sapphire, 2012
1st THOR Open, 2012
1st NorthCon, 2012
1st Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational 2013
1st TECHLABS Cup, 2013
1st Copenhagen Games, 2013
2nd SLTV StarSeries V Finals, 2013
1st RaidCall EMS One Spring 2013 Finals, 2013
1st ESEA Invite Season 13 Finals, 2013
1st Svecup Västerås, 2013
1st Swedish Championship, 2013
1st DreamHack Summer, 2013
1st SLTV StarSeries VI Finals, 2013
1st ESEA Invite Season 14 Finals, 2013
1st DreamHack Bucharest, 2013
3rd SLTV StarSeries VII Finals, 2013
2nd RC EMS One Fall Finals, 2013
2nd DreamHack Winter 2013
1st Fragbite Masters 2013
2nd EMS One Katowice 2014
1st Copenhagen Games 2014
2nd SLTV StarSeries IX
1st MIKZ Challenge
1st DreamHack Summer 2014
5th-8th ESEA Invite Season 16 Global Finals, 2014
1st IronGaming RTX, 2014
5th-8th Gfinity 3 LAN, 2014
Champion ESL One Cologne 2014
2nd DreamHack Winter 2014
2nd MLG X Games Aspen, 2015
1st ASUS ROG Winter, 2015
2nd ESL One Katowice 2015
2nd Gfinity Spring Masters 1, 2015
3rd CS:GO Championship Series, 2015
2nd FACEiT League 2015 Stage 1 Finals, 2015
5th-8th Gfinity Spring Masters 2, 2015
3rd-4th DreamHack Open Summer, 2015
1st ESPORT-SM CS:GO, 2015
2nd Gfinity Summer Masters 1, 2015
5th-8th ESWC 2015 CS:GO, 2015
5th-8th FACEiT League 2015 Stage 2, 2015
5th-8th ESL One Cologne 2015
3rd-4th DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015
2nd Fragbite Masters Season 5, 2015
5th-8th MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016
1st DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016
3rd-4th ESL Pro League Season 3 Finals, 2016
2nd DreamHack Open Zowie Summer 2016
5th-8th ELeague Season 1, 2016
1st Starladder StarSeries i-League Season 2, 2016
1st IEM XI Oakland, 2016
5th-8th DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017
5th-8th cs_summit Spring 2017
5th-8th ESL One Cologne 2017
1st DreamHack Valencia 2017
1st Intel Extreme Masters XII - Oakland {{{2}}}

Christopher Alesund (born May 29, 1990), known by his alias GeT_RiGhT, is a Swedish professional Counter-Strike series player. He is currently a member of Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP). He is considered one of the best Counter-Strike players in the history of the series.[2] He began playing competitively in 2007.[3] Alesund has previously been a member of SK Gaming, Fnatic, and Begrip.

In 2007 GeT_RiGhT and Begrip placed 2nd at spiXelania 2007.[3] In later that year he joined SK Gaming. SK placed 4th at EM II - Finals on March 9, 2008. In early 2009 Alesund joined Fnatic. Fnatic won the WEG e-Stars 2009: King of the Game. They then placed 3rd/4th at IEM Season IV - gamescom and then 2nd at IEM Season IV - Chengdu. They topped off the 2009 season with a second-place finish at World Cyber Games 2009 and a victory at World e-Sports Masters 2009.[4] After two seasons GeT_RiGhT started a third stint at SK Gaming, and he was joined by Fnatic teammates Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg and Rasmus "Gux" Ståhl.[5] In July 2012, in anticipation of switching Counter -Strike versions to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, he left SK Gaming and joined Ninjas in Pyjamas. GeT_RiGhT was an integral part of this dominant NiP team that went 87 matches without a loss.[6] NiP won the ESL Major Series One 2013 spring tournament, defeating Fnatic 2-0. NiP and GeT_RiGhT finished tied for 5th-8th at ESWC 2015. The next month NiP finished 5th at ESL One Cologne 2015.[7]

GeT_RiGhT is widely considered to be one of the greatest Counter-Strike players of all time in both versions of the game. While never considered the best at aiming in the series, he is well known for his highly consistent play, success in clutch and high-pressure situations, and for popularizing the "lurker" role among teams.[citation needed] rated him as the best player of 2014 in their end-of-year rankings due to his high level of play in tournament finals and other important games.[8]


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