Gearhead Records

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Gearhead Records
Founded 2000
Founders Michelle Haunold and Mike Lavella
Distributor Redeye
Genre(s) Punk, Rock
Country US
Web address

Gearhead Records is an independent record label that started in San Francisco, California. It was later co-run out of Davis, California and is now totally run out of Woodland, California . The label was formed in April 2000 by Michelle Haunold and Mike LaVella. In 2006, the company was split in two, the magazine and label going separate ways. The label is now fully run by Michelle Haunold in Woodland. In 2007, the label opened a retail location called Gearhead Records and Stuff.

The Swedish band The Hives released their first record on Gearhead and were later signed to Interscope.

In 2013 Gearhead began a sweeping campaign of intimidation against any page on Facebook that had the word "Gearhead" in its title. Many of their fans, who commonly follow the punk ethos, declared this campaign to be in violation of the company's "punk" core values. Due to this policy of intimidation, Gearhead's respect on Facebook decreased dramatically. One example was their legal intimidation of Gearheart Shirts, formerly known as Gearhead shirts, as they were forced into changing their company name, Facebook page, and website.[citation needed] [1][2][3][4]


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