Gearhead Records

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Gearhead Records
Gearhead Records logo.png
Founded 2000 (as Gearhead Magazine)
Founder Michelle Haunold, Mike Lavella
Status Active
Distributor(s) Redeye
Genre Punk, rock
Country of origin United States
Location Northern California
Official website Official website

Gearhead Records is an independent record label based in Northern California,[1] which grew first out of Gearhead Magazine[2] in San Francisco.[citation needed] Wrote Exclaim!, "for a lot of the world Gearhead magazine defined the whole 'hot rod punk rock and roll revolution' back in the 90s...," with the magazine founders then starting the label and various related rock festivals and punk festivals in locations such as Sweden.[3] The organization was later co-run out of Davis, California and is now entirely run out of Woodland, California.[citation needed] The label was formed in April 2000 by Michelle Haunold and Mike LaVella.[citation needed] In 2006, the company was split in two, the magazine and label going separate ways. The label is now fully run by Michelle Haunold in Woodland. In 2007, the label opened a retail location called Gearhead Records and Stuff.[citation needed]

Magazine and festivals[edit]

The organization, originally a magazine, has also hosted festivals. Wrote Exclaim! in 2003:

For a lot of the world Gearhead magazine defined the whole 'hot rod punk rock and roll revolution' back in the 90s championing bands like the Supersuckers and Rocket from the Crypt. Well, this bunch of grease-crazed garage freaks started a record label not so long ago and have also managed to put on rock fests worldwide, and some could argue that the Swedish Gearfest festival turned a lot of ears on to the retro-rock sounds coming out of there way before a lot of mainstream press was even aware of it all.[3]

Partial discography[edit]

The Swedish band The Hives released their first record on Gearhead and were later signed to Interscope.[citation needed]


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