Gebek Kala

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Gebek Kala
Chechen: Гебек-кхала[1]
Gora Gebek-kala.jpg
Highest point
Coordinates43°06′12″N 46°38′20″E / 43.1034°N 46.6388°E / 43.1034; 46.6388Coordinates: 43°06′12″N 46°38′20″E / 43.1034°N 46.6388°E / 43.1034; 46.6388
Gebek Kala is located in Russia
Gebek Kala
Gebek Kala

Gebek Kala (Chechen: Гебек-кхала[1]) — mountain peak in the Kazbek district of Dagestan. The height above sea level is 917 meters.

The name of a Chechen translated as "strengthening (castle) Gebek".[1]

In the area of Mount Gebek Kala was the last battle of the Chechens and who came to their aid with Laks Mongol troops.[2]



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