Gebhard I von Mansfeld-Vorderort

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Johann Gebhard von Mansfeld-Vorderort
Gebhard von Mansfeld von Joseph Michael Laporterie.jpg
Born ca. 1525–30
Died 2 November 1562
Frankfurt am Main
Children Sybilla

Ernst II Count von Mansfeld zu Vorderort (6 December 1479 – 9 May 1531, in Heldrungen)

(2) Dorothea zu Solm-Lich (25 January 1493 – 8 June 1578, Mansfeld)
Church Catholic
Title Prince-elector, Archbishop of Cologne

Johann Gebhard von Mansfeld-Vorderort, born circa 1525–30, was Archbishop-Elector of Cologne. He died in Frankfurt on 2 November 1562.[1]


Both Gebhard and his older brother were founding members of the Schmalkaldic League.[2] A dispute between Gebhard and his brother, Johann Albert, Graf von Mansfeld zu Arnstein (1522–1586) in 1546, led to mediation by Martin Luther.[3]

In 1558, Gebhard of Mansfeld was elected archbishop of Cologne. During his tenure, the Diocese of Utrecht ceased to be a suffragan of Cologne, and the Deanery of Zyfflich was incorporated with the newly founded diocese of Roermond.[4]


As Domherr, a member of the Cathedral chapter, he lived in concubinage. He had at least one surviving child, a daughter Sybilla, who married, first, Eduard (Egbert) von Bocholtz (died after 1590); and second, Johann Eggenoy (died before 1616).


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Gebhard of Mansfeld-Vorderort
Born: between 1525 and 1530 Died: 2 November 1562 in Frankfurt upon Main
Regnal titles
Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Anton of Schauenburg
Archbishop-Elector of Cologne and
Duke of Westphalia and Angria
as Gebhard I

Succeeded by
Friedrich IV of Wied