Gebhard of Constance

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Gebhard III of Constance was bishop from 1086 to 1105.
Saint Gebhard of Constance
Gebhard von Konstanz.jpg
Born 949
Died 995
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Feast 27 August
Attributes bishop reaching his staff to a lame man; bishop with a skull wearing a papal tiara near him or on a book; bishop with the Virgin Mary appearing to him
Patronage Constance; Vorarlberg

Saint Gebhard of Constance (Latin: Gebhardus Constantiensis; German: Gebhard von Konstanz; 949 – 995 AD) was a bishop of Constance from 979 until 995. He founded the Benedictine abbey of Petershausen in 983.



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