Gebhard, Duke of Lorraine

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Gebhard of Lahngau (c. 860/868 – 22 June 910), of the Conradine dynasty, son of Odo (died 879), count of Lahngau, and Judith, was himself count of Wetterau (909–910) and Rheingau (897–906) and then duke of Lotharingia (Lorraine).

In 903, Louis the Child, king of Germany, gave him the government of Lotharingia with the title of duke (Kebehart dux regni quod a multis Hlotharii dicitur). Gebhard died in battle against the Magyars, somewhere by Augsburg.

With his wife Ida, he had two children:

Gebhard, Duke of Lorraine
Born: 888 Died: 22 June 910
Preceded by
(as King of Lorraine)
Duke of Lotharingia
Succeeded by