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Gender Male (given name)
Word/name Ge'ez
Meaning "Servant of"
Region of origin Ethiopia, Eritrea
Other names
Variant form(s) Gabra, Ghebre, Ghevre
Related names Gebru

Gebre (Ge'ez: ገብረ?) is a common masculine Ethiopian name, meaning "servant" or "slave of" in Ge'ez. It is used as both a stand-alone given name and, frequently, as a prefix (or stem) in religiously-themed compound names; e.g. Gebreselassie ("Servant of the Trinity"), Gebremeskel ("Servant of the Cross"), or Gebremariam ("Servant of Mary"). Gebru is a variant, often seen in Tigrinya.

As with other such compound names, when written in transliteration in a Latin script, it is often abbreviated as "G/" (e.g. G/Selassie for Gebreselassie). It may likewise also be transliterated with a hyphen or a space connecting it to the root, potentially obscuring the nature of the name.

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