Gedaliah Alon

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Gedaliah Alon
Native name גדליה אלון
Born Gedaliah Rogozitski
Kobryn, Russian-ruled Poland
Died March 17, 1950(1950-03-17) (aged 48–49)
Occupation Historian
Language Hebrew
Ethnicity Jewish
Citizenship Israeli
Notable awards Israel Prize (1953)

Gedaliah Alon (Hebrew: גדליה אלון‎‎; 1901–1950) was a distinguished Israeli historian.


Alon (Rogoznitski) was born in 1901 in Kobryn, Belarus (then in Russian-ruled Poland). In 1924, he studied for a year at Berlin University and, in 1926, he emigrated to the British Mandate of Palestine and continued his studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He later joined the faculty of the Hebrew University.



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