Gedatsu Church of America

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Gedatsu Church of America
Basic information
Location 7850 Hill Drive
S. San Gabriel, CA 91770 (Los Angeles branch)
4016 Happy Lane
Sacramento, CA 95827 (Sacramento branch)
6095 Summer Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96821 (Honolulu branch)
Affiliation Gedatsu
Country United States
Website Gedatsu Church homepage
Architectural description
Founder Gedatsu Kongo (a.k.a. Okano Seiken) (1881-1941)
Completed 1929

Gedatsu Church of America is an American Buddhist church with branches in Japan, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Hawaii.[1] A nonsectarian spiritual movement, it is based on the Japanese Gedatsukai, a new religious movement that was founded in 1929 by Japanese Gedatsu Kongo. The Church preaches about Gedatsu, a religious study that does not exclude any religions and beliefs. Gedatsu is the Japanese term for moksha or enlightenment.[2]


Gedatsu Kongo, the founder of Gedatsu Church of America, was born in Japan in 1881. According to the Church, Kongo received a revelation from God at the age of 48. He established Gedatsu Church in 1929,[3] devoting himself to leading people to spiritual awakening, enlightenment and peace until his demise in 1948.[4]


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