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Shenzhen Getech Technology Co.,Ltd
IndustryOpen source hardware
Founded2011, Shenzhen, China

Geeetech, (full name, Shenzhen Getech Technology Co.,Ltd) is a Chinese open source electronics manufacturer specialising in open source 3D printers.[1][2][3][4][5] They are one of the largest 3D printer companies in China, having produced over 100,000 printers and are one of very few open source 3D printer companies in China.[6] The company was founded in 2011 and is based in Shenzen.


Geeetech produce a range of low cost fused filament fabrication printers and 3D printer components including control boards.[7][8][9][10] They use the open source Marlin firmware on their printers. They also produce UAVs, ARM circuit boards and educational robotics products.[11]

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