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A Geekcorps volunteer setting up a Wi-Fi antenna in Mali
A Malian man writes an article for the Fula language Wikipedia in the Geekcorps Mali headquarters.

Geekcorps is a non-profit organization that sends people with technical skills to developing countries to assist in computer infrastructure development. It is a division of the International Executive Service Corps which "promotes economic growth in the developing world by sending highly skilled technology volunteers to teach communities how to use innovative and affordable information and communication technologies to solve development problems." Co-founded in 2000 by Ethan Zuckerman[1] and Elisa Korentayer in North Adams, Massachusetts, its head office is now located in Washington, D.C.

Its first program was in Ghana.

In 2005, Geekcorps' largest overseas project was based in Mali, with headquarters in Bamako. The project is mainly working with radio stations, but is also involved in the development of local language resources, including an edition of Wikipedia in Bambara.

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