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GeeksPhone Peak
GeeksPhone Peak.jpeg
SloganOne step beyond.[1]
Compatible networks
First released23 April 2013 (2013-04-23)
Availability by region23 April 2013[3]
Form factorBar
  • Width: 133.6 millimetres (5.26 in)
  • Height: 66 millimetres (2.6 in)
  • Thickness: 8.9 millimetres (0.35 in)[4]
Operating systemFirefox OS[3]
Memory512 MB[2]
Storage4  GB[2]
Removable storagemicroSD, up to 32 GB[5][6]
  • 1800 mAh battery[2]
  • micro-USB charging
Data inputs
Display540 × 960 px (qHD) capacitive touchscreen, 4.3"[2][7]
Rear camera8 MP[2]
Front camera2 MP[7]
SARHead 0.56 W/kg

Hotspot (1cm gap) 1.23 W/kg

Body (1cm gap) 0.92 W/kg[9]

The GeeksPhone Peak is a low-end smartphone released by GeeksPhone in April 2013. It is intended for software developers wanting to build and test mobile applications on the new Firefox OS, not for general consumers.[10]

The Peak and the entry-level Keon are the first commercially available mobile devices running Firefox OS.

History and availability[edit]

GeeksPhone Keon and Peak initially became available on 23 April 2013 and the first batch sold out in a few hours.[11]


Unlike the lower-end GeeksPhone Keon, the Peak is not fully open source[12] as it contains and requires some proprietary Qualcomm code.

GeeksPhone Peak+[edit]

The GeeksPhone Peak+, an improved version of the original Peak, was first announced on 16 July 2013.[13] Unlike the original Peak, Peak+ is a customer-oriented device,[14] which features twice the RAM of the original Peak and an added compass sensor.[15] The Peak+ also features the same exterior dimensions as the peak.

GeeksPhone estimated that the shipping of the Peak+ devices would start in November 2013,[15] but had some issues with material providers not meeting schedules.[16]

Mozilla does not allow the GeeksPhone Peak+ to be called a "Firefox OS device" and insists that it should be described as a "device based on Boot to Gecko technology".[17] It has been said that Mozilla is yet to make up its mind regarding what "Firefox OS certification" entails and that it favors its carrier supports over start-ups, such as GeeksPhone. GeeksPhone assures that despite Mozilla not wanting to support the Peak/Peak+ display resolution, the internals of Peak+ will be exactly the same as those of the original Peak, only without the Mozilla logos. The Peak + is now running a certified copy of Firefox OS 1.1.[18][19]

The Geeksphone Peak+ was cancelled as of 28 November 2013.[20]

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