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Type of site
Technology news and analysis
OwnerGeekWire, LLC
Created byTodd Bishop, John Cook
LaunchedMarch 7, 2011; 10 years ago (2011-03-07)
Current statusOnline

GeekWire is an American technology news website that covers startups and established technology companies. The site launched in March 2011[1] and is based in Seattle. It was founded by veteran journalists Todd Bishop and John Cook with investment from Jonathan Sposato.[2][3]

GeekWire founders John Cook and Todd Bishop were former technology reporters at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the Puget Sound Business Journal.[4] Bishop and Cook joined the Puget Sound Business Journal to create TechFlash in September 2008, leaving to start GeekWire on March 7, 2011.[5]

GeekWire is regularly featured on the Techmeme leaderboard as one of the sources most frequently posted to that site.[6]


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