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This article is about the V/Line service. For the railway itself, see Port Fairy railway line.
Type V/Line passenger service
Former connections Queenscliff line
Stations 13
Services Interurban
Opened 1857
Rolling stock Sprinter and VLocity railcars,
locomotive hauled N and H type carriages
Line length 81 km (50.3 mi)
Number of tracks Double track 1,600 mm (5 ft 3 in) broad gauge to Geelong, single with passing loops beyond.
Route map

The Geelong line is a regional passenger rail service operated by V/Line in Victoria, Australia. It serves passengers between state capital Melbourne and the regional city of Geelong.

According to V/Line it carries more passengers than any other regional rail line in Australia.[1]


V/Line commuter services to Geelong once terminated at Geelong station, being extended to the existing South Geelong station in 1968, and to the newly rebuilt Marshall station in 2005. Construction of Waurn Ponds railway station was completed in 2014 and opened on 12 October therefore extending Geelong line services as far as Waurn Ponds.[2]

Train services between Melbourne and Geelong received a government funded upgrade under the Regional Fast Rail project between 2004 and 2005, with new high speed VLocity railcars manufactured by Bombardier in Dandenong entering service to Geelong in early 2006.[3] There have been calls to electrify the line, but plans were put on hold by the State Government in 2002,[4] with Diesel locomotives and railcars utilised instead.


The twin broad gauge and single standard gauge tracks
N class locomotive hauled train running near Lara
V/Line train crossing the Barwon River in Geelong

Passenger services operated by V/Line depart for Melbourne every 20 minutes with more frequent service operating during peak hours. Services operate hourly on weekends. Travel times from Geelong to Southern Cross Station are less than 60 minutes, making the train service a popular alternative to driving for Geelong residents needing to access Melbourne.[5] Sprinter and VLocity railcars are used, as well as locomotive hauled N and H type carriages. S type carriages were used until 2010.[6]

In December 2013, Geelong and Warrnambool trains ceased stopping at North Melbourne station following the opening of the Regional Rail Link between Southern Cross and South Kensington.[7]

From 21 June 2015, Geelong and Warrnambool line trains no longer ran via Werribee and Newport. Instead, Up (eastbound) trains diverge at Manor Junction and travel on the new Regional Rail Link, with new stops at Wyndham Vale and Tarneit before joining the Ballarat Line at Robinsons Road Junction.[8] The service then stops at Deer Park, Sunshine and Footscray railway station before continuing on to terminate at Southern Cross Station.

Additional services run during peak hours stopping all stations to either Deer Park or Wyndham Vale.

Beyond Waurn Ponds, four passenger trains per weekday (three on Sundays) run to Warrnambool stopping all stations on the Warrnambool line. This is expected to increase to four services each weekday with three on weekends starting 29 January 2017.[9]

Bold stations are termini, italic stations are staffed at least part-time.

Geelong railway line (with Regional Rail Link)
0 km Southern Cross (SSS) Zone 1
4.9 km Footscray (FSY) Zone 1
  Seymour / Bendigo / Shepparton / Albury lines
13.5 km Sunshine (SUN) Zone 1/2
  Sunbury line (Suburban)
15.5 km Ardeer Zone 1/2
17.3 km Deer Park (DEK) Zone 1/2
  Ballarat line
25.73 km Tarneit (TNT) Zone 2
40.34 km Wyndham Vale (WVL) Zone 2
56.25 km Little River (LTR) Zone 2
  Little River
60.18 km Lara (LAR) Zone 2/3/4
  Princes Freeway
72.78 km Corio (COR) Zone 3/4
75.9 km North Shore (NSH) Zone 3/4
  The Overland
78.85 km North Geelong (NOG) Zone 3/4
81.38 km Geelong (GLG) Zone 4
  Geelong Tunnel (422 m long)
83.24 km South Geelong (SGL) Zone 4
  Queenscliff line
  Barwon River
88.49 km Marshall (MSL) Zone 4
91.79 km Waurn Ponds (WPD) Zone 4
Warrnambool line


Trains on the Geelong – Melbourne corridor are chronically late. V/Line has failed to meet their punctuality targets since 2006. As of March 2010, trains had officially run late for 44 consecutive months on the Geelong line.[10] The poor performance of V/Line has been well documented in the local Geelong press.[11] Recurring issues on the line include poor communication,[12] commuters worried about losing their jobs in Melbourne due to delays [13] and overcrowding.[14]

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