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The Gegenees (gee-GEH-neh-ees, from Gr. Γηγενεῖς Gêgeneês; sing. Γηγενής Gêgenês - meaning "earth-born") were a race of six-armed giants who inhabited the same island as the Doliones in the ancient Greek epic Argonautica.[1] Their alternate name is Gegeines.


Jason and the Argonauts landed on an island where the Gegenees resided. The Argonauts fought them and unknowingly left Heracles on the island where he continued to fight them. The Argonauts returned and were able to help Heracles fight them off.

Popular culture[edit]

  • Gegeines appears in Disney's Hercules voiced by Brad Garrett in "Hercules and the Argonauts" and by Frank Welker in "Hercules and the Big Games." This version has the appearance of a six-armed Yeti-like creature that the local nymphs must appease by offering it the humans that visit them.


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