Geilston Bay High School

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Geilston Bay High School
Geilston Bay, Tasmania
Coordinates 42°50′15″S 147°20′56″E / 42.8376°S 147.3488°E / -42.8376; 147.3488
School type Public High School
Founded 1972
Principal Mr Rootes
Grades 7-10
Enrolment 800
Colour(s) Gold & Brown         

Geilston Bay High School is a co-educational state high school, catering for students in grades 7 to 10, that is located in Geilston Bay. It is located within the City of Clarence which is a constituent local government area within Greater Hobart.

Along with Clarence High School, and Rose Bay High School, Geilston Bay High School is one of three high schools within Clarence.

The school emblem is the Eucalyptus risdonii, a local eucalyptus variety with bluish-silver leaves that is found only within the City of Clarence.


Construction of the school began in 1971 on the site of the old Lindisfarne Golf Course. The first phase of construction was completed on 1 July 1971.

Geilston Bay High School was opened on 9 February 1972 as the then Municipality of Clarence was enjoying a boom in residential expansion. The opening of the Hobart Bridge (1943), and later the Tasman Bridge (1964) saw a dramatic expansion of residential areas within Clarence. However, prior to the Tasman Bridge disaster in 1975, there were few facilities located on the eastern shore of the Derwent River. The severing of the bridge made local authorities realise the need for localised services in areas of commerce, health care and education.

Geiston Bay High School is the most recently opened high school within the City of Clarence, after Warrane High (1957), Clarence High (1959), and Rose Bay High (1961).

In 2007 Geilston Bay High School celebrated its 35th anniversary.

Geilston Bay High School closed on 2013, with the last day being 19 December.[1] Low enrollment numbers was cited as the reason.

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