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CategoriesLiterary magazine, Canadian culture
PublisherAnnMarie MacKinnon
FounderStephen Osborne
First issue1990
CompanyThe Geist Foundation
LanguageCanadian English

Geist is a Canadian literary magazine.[1] Geist has been published four times a year in Vancouver since 1990. The magazine takes its name from the German word geist, meaning "mind" or "spirit." Geist is a member of Magazines Canada[2] and the B.C. Association of Magazine Publishers.[3]

Geist is known for its series of Canadian maps (e.g. "Canadian placenames that sound impolite," "The Beer Map of Canada," etc.)[4] and for spearheading various campaigns, such as petitions to have folk singer Stan Rogers inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame[5] and the Geist Annual Literal Literary Postcard Contest.[6][7]

The magazine was co-founded by Stephen Osborne and Mary Schendlinger. On April 20, 2015, Geist announced that Osborne and Schendlinger would be stepping down and staff members Michał Kozłowski and AnnMarie MacKinnon (formerly Associate Publisher and Operations Manager) would be taking over as Publisher and Associate Publisher, respectively.[8]

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