Gejia language

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Ge, Zhong'an River Miao
Gě-chinese.svg家语, 重安江苗语
Native toChina
Native speakers
60,000 (1995)[1]
  • Gejia
  • Dongjia
Language codes
ISO 639-3hmj

The Ge or Gejia language (Chinese: Gě-chinese.svg家语), also known as Chong'anjiang Miao 重安江苗语, is a Miao language of Huangping County, Guizhou, China. The endonym is spelled Mhong, though it shares this with Huishui Miao; it is pronounced [m̥ōŋ], as in the Hmong language. When speaking Chinese, they call themselves Gédōu.

Gejia is spoken in eastern Guizhou, in speech islands within the area of the Hmu language, which includes the standard dialect.


The Dongjia (东家) language of Majiang County, Guizhou is closely related to Gejia. The Dongjia people are officially classified as She, but speak a West Hmongic language. Their autonym is Gameng (嘎孟), while the neighboring Raojia people call them Gadou (嘎斗). The Dongjia people of Liubao 六堡村, Xingshan Township 杏山镇, Majiang County was studied by Dong Bo (2008). Chen Xueyu (2011) considers Gejia and Dongjia to form two dialects of Chong'anjiang Miao, which belongs to the Chuanqiandian branch.


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