Gejje Pooje

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Gejje Pooje
Directed by Puttanna Kanagal
Produced by Rashi Brothers
Written by M. K. Indira
Screenplay by Puttanna Kanagal
Based on Gejje Pooje
by M. K. Indira
Starring Kalpana
Music by Vijaya Bhaskar
Cinematography Srikanth
Edited by V. P. Krishna
Distributed by Chithra Jyothi
Release date
Country India
Language Kannada

Gejje Pooje (Kannada: ಗೆಜ್ಜೆ ಪೂಜೆ) is a 1969 Indian Kannada language film directed by Puttanna Kanagal and produced by Rashi Brothers. The film stars Kalpana, Gangadhar and Leelavathi in lead roles. Gejje means anklet and pooje means worship but in this context of the film, it means a mock marriage. The film is based on the novel Gejje Pooje by M. K. Indira.[1] The film was remade in Tamil as Thaaliya Salangaiya, in Telugu as Kalyana Mandapam and in Hindi as Ahista Ahista.


This socially relevant movie explores the problem of prostitutes. It was based on the novel written by M. K. Indira. The heroine Chandra ( played by Kalpana) is the daughter of a devadasi is in love with a young man who is her neighbour. The young girl understands the value of education and with the support of her mother intends to reject the life of prostitution. Circumstances and the young man's suspicion makes him abandon the heroine. Ironically the girl he marries is the daughter of the heroine's father who had abandoned both her and her mother. Chandra agrees to perform gejjepooje as part of initiation into a life of prostitution but in the end she commits suicide by swallowing a diamond.



National Film Awards 1969

  • Best Kannada Film
  • Best Screenplay – S R Puttanna Kanagal

Karnataka State Film Awards 1969-70

  • First Best Film
  • Best Supporting Actress – Leelavathi
  • Best Screenplay – S R Puttanna Kanagal
  • Best Dialogue Writer – Navarathna Ram Rao
  • Best Cinematographer – S V Srikanth


Title Singers Lyrics
Gaganavo Ello S. Janaki R. N. Jayagopal
Hejje Hejjegu Honne Suriyali S. Janaki Chi. Udaya Shankar
Maguve Ninna Hoonagu S. Janaki Vijaya Narasimha
Ondhu Dhina RAAthriyali BK. Sumithra R. N. Jayagopal
Panchama VEdha, PrEmadha NAAdha P. B. Sreenivas Vijaya Narasimha
Panchama VEdha, PrEmadha NAAdha S. Janaki Vijaya Narasimha


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