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Country Sicily
Ancient coins of Gela depicted a man-headed bull, the personification of the river Gela

The Gela river is located in Sicily. It originates from the Disueri lake and, after about 59 kilometers, flows into the Strait of Sicily of the Mediterranean Sea, near the homonymous town.[1]


The extension of the basin of the river is about 569 square kilometers.

Giozzo and Maroglio are its main tributary rivers.

The name Gela (Γέλα) probably comes from the Greek verb γελάω "I smile/laugh".


  1. ^ (both are mentioned by Virgil, in the third book of Aeneid: <<...Immanisque Gela fluvii cognomine dicta...>>)

Coordinates: 37°03′N 14°15′E / 37.050°N 14.250°E / 37.050; 14.250