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Carpigiani Gelato University
Gelato University.jpg
Type Public
Established 2003
Location Anzola dell'Emilia, Bologna, Italy

Gelato University is a school in Anzola dell'Emilia, near Bologna, Italy. It was set up by ice cream machine maker Carpigiani in 2003, with the aim of teaching students from around the world how to make gelato ice-cream.[1][2] The Carpigiani Gelato University attracts thousands of people from diverse countries interested in perfecting their gelato making skills or to learn the basics of gelato every year.[3] Their popularity has grown tremendously since the initial start to approximately 12,000 students.[4]

The University is concentrated on delivering "the art and science of gelato production, the comprehensive training of gelato entrepreneurs, and the promotion of Italian gelato as a natural and flavorful food suitable for all cultures".[3] Students learn from professional instructors as well as work with state-of-the-art gelato machines and facilities. Successful graduates of this University are able to bring back with them the skill to open or perfect their own Italian gelato entrepreneurship anywhere around the world.[4]


After the huge success following the invention of the Carpigiani brothers' first automatic gelato machine, the "Autogelatiera", in 1944,[5] the Carpigiani Group was formed in 1946.[5] Years later, they decided to start teaching the art of gelato. Thus, the Carpigiani Gelato University commenced in 2003.[5][6]


Carpigiani Gelato University's main campus lies in the heart of Italy. Many people from all around the world come into Gelato University, bringing with them various skills and knowledge of culture into the classrooms and labs.[7] Due to its success rate and popularity from all around the world, the university offers courses in 12 different countries such as "Dubai, São Paulo and Kuala Lumpur".[8] Plans for course offerings are also underway in other countries and online as well.[3] Due to the University’s growing international population, classes are taught in "Italian, English, French and German".[3]


A class in session in 2013

The university offers over 500 courses,[8] costing around €800 ($1,138)[4] and ranges from a few days[9] to five weeks[8] in length (depending on course). Courses are available for beginners and experts.[5] The various courses taught at Gelato University uniquely offer a broad range of education; from technical hands on work to the academics of food science.[10] For instance, students would study different types of sugars and ingredients, consequently creating new and innovative recipes.[10] Topics as specific as measuring "butter-fat-to-sugar ratio" content is learned and mastered to ensure perfection.[11] After extensive research and studying on these ingredients, students will head to the lab to produce their gelato[10] and end the day off by testing the outcomes.

Sample courses[edit]

  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Mini Frozen Cakes and Pralines with Soft Gelato
  • Gelato Week Pioneers
  • Dress Rehearsal: Your Gelato Showcase
  • Gelato with Alcohol
  • Chocolate Pralines
  • The Semifreddo (Gelato Cake)
  • Innovative Marketing
  • Setting up a Business Plan for a Start up

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