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GeminiJets 1:400 Virgin Atlantic A340-600

GeminiJets is a die-cast model airplane manufacturer based in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States founded in 1998.[1] The product line is named GeminiJets, but ADI (Airliners Distributing Inc.) is the founding company holding the reproduction licenses from airlines and aircraft manufacturers, examples including Boeing, Airbus, and McDonnell Douglas. ADI make and market aircraft in several different scales, all scales possess superior quality, and detailed printed graphics. The company produce replicas of commercial and military (Separately known as Gemini Aces) aircraft in various scales including the popular 1:400, 1:250, 1:200, 1:72 Scales.

GeminiJets box design for 1:400 scale British Airways Boeing 747-400

GeminiJets uses aircraft manufacturers' blueprints and airlines Pantone color charts to create accurate duplication.

GeminiJets is one of the world's leading manufacturers of diecast aircraft replicas. The models are sold worldwide, and sell at different prices depending on local demand. GeminiJets has also designed and manufactured two model airports and model airport accessories in its most popular scale range, 1:400. The first model airport comes with 22 jetways, various logo stickers (airlines and sponsors) and comes with lights that illuminate the interior of the terminal. The airport also includes a movable monorail system. 6 AA batteries are required for the lights, airport vehicles and model aircraft are sold separately. GeminiJets has released a smaller, newer form of this airport containing 7 jetways, various logo stickers, and also has the lights that illuminate the terminal. 2 AA are batteries required. Jetways are also available for purchase in packs of 6 singular or 3 double sets, for building an airport on your own. A hangar can be purchased to add realism to your airport.

GeminiJets package their products inside card boxes with graphics of the airline printed on the box as well as the GeminiJets logo and logos of the airline, aircraft and manufacturer along with a licensing badge. The majority of GeminiJets' product boxes feature a protective plastic (or foam) casing, a liftable flap to view the product and information about the particular aircraft the box houses including technical specification and aircraft history.

GeminiJets currently has several production lines, each in a different scale, and targeting a particular area: either commercial or military:

  • GeminiJets 1:400 – Limited Edition: Commercial aircraft
  • GeminiMACS 1:400 – Limited Edition: Military transport aircraft –
  • Gemini Select 1:400 – Limited Edition: Commercial aircraft –
  • Gemini 250 – Limited Edition: Commercial aircraft in the 1:250 scale – No longer produced.
  • Gemini 200 – Limited Edition: Commercial aircraft in the 1:200 scale –
  • GeminiACES 1:72 – Limited Edition: World War II to present day military aircraft.
  • Gemini Plastics Premiere - Limited Edition: Commercial aircraft in 1:200 - made out of plastic - Discontinued
  • Gemini General Aviation - Limited Edition: General Aviation aircraft in 1:72 -


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