Gemini Somatics

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Gemini Somatics
Private Corporation
Industry Biotechnology
Headquarters Riverside, OR
Key people
Joseph Cavendish: Chairman; Dr. Edward Darmos: Executive Director of Synthetic Somatology;
Products Somatic synthesis technologies;[1] Scientific consultancy

Gemini Somatics is a biotechnology company located in Riverside, Oregon, working primarily in the field of synthetic somatology, which is an emerging science developed by Dr Edward Darmos.[2]


Gemini Somatics focuses its efforts on synthetic somatology, which is an adaptation of synthetic biology using pluripotent stem cells and artificially-generated genomes in order to adapt human life to potential future conditions.[3]

Their work is based on the developments surrounding Mycoplasma mycoides[4] and Mycoplasma laboratorium, as well as taking advantage of technological advancements including the NASA bioreactor and the DARPA REMIND programme.[5]

Gemini Somatics have recently exhibited an interest in sourcing research material from volunteer gamers.[6]


As a participant in the controversial stem cell and synthetic biology arenas, Gemini Somatics has come under fire from several opponents of synthetic biology and therapeutic cloning.[7]

Company information[edit]

Gemini Somatics was founded by Joseph Cavendish and is based in Riverside, Oregon. The company is privately funded, as well as receiving significant private research funding.[1]


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