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Gemini Studios
IndustryMotion pictures
FounderS. S. Vasan
Area served
Tamil Nadu
Andhra Pradesh Edit this on Wikidata

Gemini Studios was an Indian film studio based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It was launched when film producer S. S. Vasan bought a film distribution concern at an auction and renamed it. The new studio opened under the name Gemini (after the astrological sign of his wife and not as a jackpot winning horse as widely believed). The new façade had statues of ‘The Gemini Twins’, blowing the bugle. Gemini Studios served as a breeding ground for innumerable artists and technicians for the south Indian Film Industry. The Gemini twins became a household symbol and the Gemini flyover was named after the original studio at that junction. Gemini Studios is one of the few producers in Tamil cinema to survive beyond 100 productions along with AVM, Modern Theatres, Thenandal Films, etc.

Early history[edit]

S.S.Vasan bought from his friend K. Subramanyam a Film distribution business Motion Picture Producers' Combines studio on Mount Road for Rs.86,427-11-9,the odd figure arrived at through including the interest on unpaid wages of the employees and it was renamed as Gemini Studios in the year 1940.[1]

Time line[edit]


After the studio being abandoned for two decades, the buildings were razed and a luxury hotel called The Park was constructed and opened in 2002.[3][4]


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