Gemma Barker case

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Gemma Barker case
Nationality British
Other names Aaron, Connor
Criminal charge Sexual assault, fraud
Criminal penalty Two years and a half

Gemma Barker is a British woman from Staines, Surrey, who was convicted of sexual assault and fraud.[1]

Male disguise[edit]

The actions leading up to these convictions became widely reported in the media, as she had created three different male personas via social media, which she used to form relationships with teenage girls.[2][3]


Whilst living in West Molesey, Surrey, Gemma Barker developed physical and emotional relationships with her friends, Jessica Sayers and one other who opted to remain anonymous, whilst identifying as the different males. She was eventually arrested as her male persona "Aaron" for committing sexual assault on Sayers, but her physical sex and identity were still not discovered until she was forced to undergo a strip search.


At Guildford Crown Court on 5 March 2012, Judge Peter Moss sentenced Barker to 30 months in prison after she pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault, to be served concurrently with three months for fraud. She has been diagnosed with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).[4]


She is the subject of the Channel 4 documentary The Girl Who Became Three Boys. Barker has since been released on licence.[citation needed]